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Today, iPhone is extremely popular with most of the mobile enthusiasts. There is so much to boast about in the iPhone from its sleek design, the ever smooth UI and touch sense and also its incredible store of apps which boasts of innumerable features and options. The demand for interesting apps is drastically high and innovation is the order of the day. There has been a constant demand and want of apps for business, connectivity, games and utilities which can be used for day-to-day life.

iPhone 4S has boosted the amount of apps within the App store which take advantage of the incredible hardware the phone features. You'll find apps which can boost the photo quality, some game resembling the Assassin's Creed or a business app which could connect you to definitely the central ERP system of your enterprise. iPhone apps have always been innovative mediums for marketing and promotions of new products, services and even upcoming movies. iPhone apps provide more audience and attracts the relevant audience most of the time.

Here are a few of the options that come with iPhone 4S that has helped the smartphone to become a hit on the market.

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Here are a few advantages and benefits of getting an iPhone 4S when compared with an apple iphone 4:

Having a similar A5 dual-core processor resembling like its predecessor, Apple's iPhone 4S is two times faster than apple iphone 4. Using the iOS 5.1 platform, additional features happen to be integrated in the phone including motion gaming, camera resolution and flash control along with language translators. The graphics processor is tremendously faster than iPhone 4. The grand 8MP camera is a great high definition camera which can click crystal clear photos. It features a useful illumination sensor along with a damn good infrared filter for better color rendering. What's more, you can shoot HD videos at 1080p. One of the best features of the phone, Siri is iPhone's own pre-installed digital personal assistant which relies on Artificial intelligence and it is ultra-modern voice recognition feature. It has the very best voice command technology on the market and understands plain language incredibly well while also having smart access to online database info.

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With iOS 5.1 featuring in iPhone 4S, one can even go for dual antenna for better call clarity. The shop has apps in the app store that are compatible to iOS 5 or higher. It is Apple's stringent app-quality that has led to quality tested 500,000+ apps within the App store.

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